Women’s Clubs, Falcons and Shepherd

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs recently named me the 2022-24 Honorary Chairman of Education and Libraries. The GFWC represents more than 3,000 women’s clubs around the country and has nearly 80,000 members. It’s quite an honor and I’m grateful to the opportunity. I’ll be penning columns for the GFWC newsletter and high school-age newsletter. (No, I don’t belong to a women’s club. I got on their radar after speaking at the Ohio chapter’s state convention. Did it hurt that my first name is more commonly attached to females? You’d have to ask them.)

I recently spoke at the Wood County Public Library in Bowling Green, Ohio. I went to college at Bowling Green State University, and I always welcome an opportunity to head back for visits. Julie Carle, who was a classmate of mine back in the day, wrote an article about my visit for the BG Independent News, an online news site. Here’s a link to the site: Bowling Green was a launching pad for author Robin Yocum – BG Independent News (bgindependentmedia.org)

The book website – Shepherd.com – recently asked me to do an article for them, picking a topic of my choice. My article features the five “best books with the baddest badass dudes in crime fiction.” It was fun to write and I appreciate Shepherd giving me the opportunity to promote some of my favorite authors. The best books with the baddest badass dudes of crime fiction (shepherd.com)

1 thought on “Women’s Clubs, Falcons and Shepherd”

  1. Robin, thank you for including me on your list of people you share your heart and agenda with. You make me feel special because I know you – and are related to you through our grandfathers. I’m anxiously awaiting your next book! I shared your repertoire of books with my Bellaire HS classmates of 1960 and many of them are reading your books now because they come alive to us when you write about the Ohio Valley! We experience “back home”!

    I also want to thank you again for going to my granddaughter Carrie’s Advanced English class at New Lexington HS a few years ago to discuss The Essay. That was so special to those high school kids. Carrie will graduate from Ohio University in June 2023.

    I enjoy hearing about your family, especially your daughter who coaches a college Volleyball Team. Carrie played VB for 6 years and is now coaching a club Volleyball Team. Her 10 year old sister is now playing VB for New Lex.

    Best wishes to you as you continue your book writing career. We all look forward to your next book!

    Your cousin, Linda Bond



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